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folderLidar Files big blue area2022-12-15 19:00
folderPrudence Photos and data Fay Rubin2022-12-15 19:00
file19_03064610.img2014-08-01 13:579455 KB
file19_03064610.img.aux.xml2021-02-01 10:340 KB
file19_03064610.rrd2014-08-01 13:553105 KB
file19_03084610.img2014-08-01 13:560 KB
file19_03084610.img.aux.xml2021-02-01 10:340 KB
file19_03084610.rrd2014-08-01 13:541481 KB
filePI Big Blue Tank Area Geophysical Line and Feature Map.mxd2014-08-01 13:556750 KB