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Title: Designated Rivers 100K
Time Period of Content: 1990 - 07/05/2011 Initial Publication Date: 08/30/2005
Originator: New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services
New Hampshire's rivers and streams comprise one of its most important natural resources, historically vital to New Hampshire's commerce, industry, tourism, and the quality of life of New Hampshire people. It is the policy of the state to ensure the continued viability of New Hampshire rivers as valued economic and social assets for the benefit of present and future generations. The state shall encourage and assist in the development of river corridor management plans and regulate the quantity and quality of instream flow along certain protected rivers or segments of rivers to conserve and protect outstanding characteristics including recreational, fisheries, wildlife, environmental, cultural, historical, archaeological, scientific, ecological, aesthetic, community significance, agricultural, and public water supply so that these valued characteristics shall endure as part of the river uses to be enjoyed by New Hampshire people (RSA 483:1).

Coverage updated on 7/31/2018.

Theme Keywords: environment, Designated River, Management, Protection, Natural Resource, Instream Flow, RSA 483, Rivers Management, RMAC
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