GRANIT Metadata for Quabbin to Cardigan Supporting Landscapes

Title: Quabbin to Cardigan Supporting Landscapes
Time Period of Content: 12/31/2008 Initial Publication Date: 2009
Originator: Chris Wells, The Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests, Senior Director, Strategic Projects/Policy
The Quabbin to Cardigan Initiative (Q2C) is a collaborative, landscape-scale effort to conserve the Monadnock Highlands of western New Hampshire and north-central Massachusetts. Within the context of Q2C Conservation Plan, Supporting Landscapes are relatively unfragmented forested blocks of land greater than 1000 acres in size which surroundand and in some cases connectQ2C Conservation Focus Areas (CFAs). Supporting Landscapes help buffer areas of generally higher ecological value in Q2C CFAs from human impacts. Supporting Landscape data can be used to prioritize land conservation efforts within the Q2C Project area. For more information see the Quabbin to Cardigan Conservation Plan Technical Report (2008) prepared by Dan Sundquist of the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests.
Theme Keywords: Land Conservation Planning, Ecological Co-occurrence, Land Conservation, Land Use Planning, Q2C, biota, environment, planningCadastre
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